We are Farmstead Boxes Direct, by Simple Pleasure Farm LLC

Farmstead Boxes Direct Refrigerated Delivery VanOrdering:

Orders must be completed weekly by Tuesday at 12:00-Noon for Washington & Frederick County, & Gaithersburg Maryland.

Orders must be completed weekly by Tuesday at 12:00-Noon for Howard County, Maryland.

Orders must be completed weekly by Tuesday at 12:00-Noon for Carroll County, Maryland.

Orders must be completed weekly by Tuesday at 12:00 Noon for Adams County, and Hanover, Pennsylvania (including Upper Adams)

At this time, we are delivering to Adams County, Hanover, Pa and Carroll, Howard, Frederick, Washington County, Maryland addresses only.

Minimum orders must equal or exceed $99.

Delivery Schedule:

Orders are delivered Friday for Frederick and Washington County,  and  Gaithersburg Maryland.

Orders are delivered Tuesdays for Carroll County, and Howard County Maryland.

Orders are delivered Wednesday for Adams County, and Hanover Pennsylvania.

An email will be sent with your day of expected delivery.

What to Expect:

Meats are delivered frozen with an ice pack in a recyclable Styrofoam cooler. Products are guaranteed for 12-hours from time of delivery. Customers are responsible for receipt and proper storage within those 12 hours.

If you would like us to use your own cooler, please notify us at checkout in the “Special Instructions” box. Customer accepts all liability for product that isn’t delivered in our EPS coolers. 

At this time, we cannot facilitate refunds.


Frequently Asked Questions

Raw milk cheese is made from unpasteurized milk. This is considered to be “traditional” way of making cheese. The pasteurization process heats the milk to high temperatures reducing the good bacteria that is found in raw milk. The aging process allows the salt and acids in the cheese rid the product of harmful bacteria, this allows the most natural and nutritious eating experience.

Absolutely!  Homestead Cheese crafters ages their cheese for a minimum of 60 days before selling to consumers as regulated by the FDA.  Homestead cheese crafters partners with a local dairy farm to source all their cow milk needs, the cows at this farm are fed well and are treated like part of the family.   Homestead cheese crafters creates their masterpieces in a highly clean and sanitary environment, they keep your families health and well being at the foremost of their business.

Unlike the big box stores, our beef is not part of factory farming. The beef we source has spent countless hours roaming the pastures and eating well.

Country boy beef is not considered to be 100% grass fed- the beef we source spend significant time “munching” in the pasture on grass and hay, but are also fed a grain ration.

As a local community and family-oriented business, we support other small business (at every possible opportunity) in our surrounding communities. This provides more job opportunities for our local communities, families and friends. In turn the money that is cycled through our small businesses and back in to the community to help strengthen our local economy. As a promise we will provide better service to our customers than any big box stores.

Our EPS manufacturer runs a Recycling reverse logistics program for their #6 boxes in the recycling triangle. The products returned will be recycled and re-used to create new foam products. We will collect and recycle the boxes so they do not end up in a landfill. 

Studies have shown that EPS is more sustainable than paper products and requires less energy consumption. EPS foam is 98% air and life cycle analysis has shown that EPS has much a far less impact on the environment. 

No problem! We offer EPS free delivery for all of our customers. Please note in the special instructions portion of the check out process. We ask that you provide a cooler at your drop off site and we will bring your order in our cleaned and sanitized reusable coolers and place it directly in your personal cooler with ice packs at no additional charge. 

EPS (aka expanded polystyrene or Styrofoam) insulated shipping coolers are the typical material of choice for human & animal health companies when shipping specialty pharmaceuticals and biologics. It’s proven to provide temperature-controlled protection for specialty products–as long as they’re delivered on time.