Justin’s Jumbo Quick Meals Bundle


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Justin’s jumbo meat bundle isn’t for those with little appetites’. This box contains quick and easy meals for those on the go from Beef and Burgers to Tasty Sausage !

2 Maple Breakfast Links (.75-1lb)
2 Honey Griller sausage (1.5lb) 4pk
2 Italian Griller sausage (1.5lb) 4pk
2 Country Grillers sausage (1.5lb) 4pk
2 PA Dutch Potato Grillers sausage (1.5lb) 4pk
2 Hamburger Patties (1lb each 4pk )
2 Bacon Cheese Popper Patties 6oz ( 24oz 4pk)
2 Chipped Steaks (16oz)