Cierra Baker

Emmitsburg, Maryland

Wow! Just, wow!! The freshness of the meats are outstanding! Everything comes in tightly sealed, perfectly portioned packages. Easy to thaw and it saves me from the extra expense of buying freezer bags (as I would usually buy large quantities of meat and split it up into meal sized portions for my family). Growing up on a farm we always had fresh meat and I really missed it. Now that I am feeding my own family, I am thankful that I know where I can purchase farm-raised, fresh meat and have it delivered straight to my door (with FREE delivery too). There really is a difference between fresh, farm-raised meat and the meat you buy in the grocery stores. You have to try it!! I guarantee, 100%, you will not regret it!! As my husband said the other night after we polished off some Farmstead New York Strip Steaks “You don’t have to sell me on buying more, the meat speaks for itself!”. The cheeses are super creamy and flavorful (jalapeno is our fave). The jams are perfect. The beef sticks and bologna are top-notch! You really can’t go wrong with whatever you decide to purchase because everything we have tried has been exquisite!! Thank you, Farmstead! I will be placing my next order now.