Meet Our Vendor: Country Boy Butchering

“As a young lad growing up on a dairy farm, I was taught work hard, and to enjoy it. I had various odd jobs before joining an Amish ran construction crew. In 2014 my wife and I married and I continued to do construction. I was given the opportunity to help my Amish boss on their butchering day. I discovered then something I very much enjoyed. I began dreaming about becoming a butcher, and starting my own business. Could this be something I could do on my own? In 2016 our local butcher shop sadly burned down. The owner said he was not planning to rebuild, as he was getting older.

That year we also welcomed our first daughter to our home. The construction crew required me to be away from home for such long hours, I remember then I very serious started thinking of starting on my own. The community needed a local ran butcher shop, was I the guy to do it? Where do I start?

Country Boy Butchering - A Meat Vendor with Farmstead Boxes DirectOur first step was finding a larger property, something much larger than our 1-acre piece of land. After looking around and searching for a while we found our now home a nice 10-acre property in Shippensburg, PA. After 2 long years of paper work, we began the building process! With the help of many family and friends we built the butcher shop ourself, putting my years construction knowledge to great use. Finally in the fall of 2019 we opened our shop and began to process. Our goal is to provide all families with high quality and delicious local products that can not be found at big box stores. We want your family to enjoy the most delicious products without having to worry about the drive, or time. We are happy to help from our family to yours… by Farmstead Boxes Direct.

– Leon, Owner of Country Boy Butchering