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  • Farmstead Boxes Direct | Eye Round Roast

    Beef Eye Round Roast (1.75-2.25lb)

    Eye Round lean, and economical cut that comes from the rump, typically cooked in an oven as a roast, braised, or in crock pot. Often sold as roasts, steaks for marinating.

    not rated $17.50
  • Farmstead Boxes Direct | Oxtail

    Beef Oxtail (2.5lb average)

    While we know this may not sound appetizing the oxtail contains the most delicious beef flavors. Oxtails are popular in Latin and Caribbean cuisine, southern style soul food.  This cut is sliced down into small manageable pieces, cooked low and slow the meat is fall off the bone tender. We particularly like this cut in Jamaican Oxtail stew that has a kick of spicy heat, or on a cold winter day with Oxtail and Barley soup.

    not rated $10.00
  • Fajita Steak (approx 16oz)

    Fajita Steak (approx 16oz)

    Cut from flank steak , these fajita strips are are the perfect start to any veggie dish !
    not rated $14.00
  • Farmstead Boxes Direct | Hanger Steak

    Beef Hanger Steaks

    This rich, tender and delicious cut comes from right below the ribeye for flavor, and  tender eating experience similar of the tenderloin. This cut is hard to come by and goes fast !
    not rated $22.50